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Our Mobile App Development Services

We are a team of expert iOS, Android, and cross-platform mobile app developers that provide a wide range of mobile app development services.
Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

We create cross-platform mobile apps using React Native and Flutter. We are experts in utilizing one codebase to build performant mobile apps.

iPhone App Development

iPhone App Development

We create native experiences for the iPhone, taking into account the Apple Human Interface Guidelines and ensuring an awesome end user experience.

iPad App Development

iPad App Development

Our iOS developers and cross-platform developers can create beautiful apps that take full advantage of the screen space and hardware of the iPad.

Android App Development

Android App Development

We build apps for Android phones and tablets that utilize best practices established by Google and feel native to end users.

IoT Development

IoT Development

We love wearables like the Apple Watch as well as IoT devices. We can create Bluetooth or WiFi enabled apps that communicate with IoT devices.

UX/UI Web Design

UX/UI Web Design

We believe in functional design and joyful mobile app experiences. Our team is roughly 50% mobile designers specializing in user-centric mobile experiences.

The Key Mobile App Development Roles

At Raffesia, we create entire mobile product squads consisting of mobile app designers, mobile app developers, project managers, quality assurance testers, and more.

Project Management

Project managers are the heart of any mobile app development project. Our team of project managers is trained in scrum and other agile practices. We keep your project on time and on budget.

Quality Assurance Testing

We believe in testing mobile applications with a healthy mix of automated testing and manual QA. Our team of dedicated testers will ensure that your custom mobile app functions as it was designed to.

User Experience Design

User experience and user interaction design are imperative to any mobile app. Strategic user experience and mobile design leads to intuitive experiences and reduces development waste, and UI design leaves a lasting impression.

User Interface Design

User interface design is an opportunity to stand out. Whether you are building a cross-platform app or a native app, we create mobile apps that your users will love.

Mobile API Development

Our back-end web developers create scalable and performant mobile APIs. We are database and performance experts and can ensure that the back end of your mobile app is maintainable and scales with your company.

Mobile App Development

The front-end of your mobile app is what matters to end users. We create custom mobile experiences that are intuitive and well-designed using the best technologies such as React Native and Flutter.

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Our team of mobile app developers is seasoned in creating for iOS apps, Android apps, and apps for wearables.

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Mobile App Development Services FAQs

Our custom mobile app development services are structured to build you the custom cross-platform or native mobile app that your business needs.

What cross-platform mobile technologies do you use?

Do you create Apple Watch or wearable applications?

When should native technologies like Swift and Kotlin be used instead of cross-platform technologies?

Is React Native truly native?

Is React Native or Flutter better?

Is React Native good for startups?

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